Why is Croatia the best for sailing vacations?

With a lengthy coastline and more than 1,000 islands, Croatia offers countless sailing itineraries. The Adriatic Sea is perfect for swimming and snorkeling since it is warm and transparent and has clear water. With a vast variety of seafood, grilled meats, and locally produced wine and olive oil, Croatian cuisine and wine are world-famous.

Catamaran VS Sailboat - comparison

1. For those who are prone to motion sickness or are inexperienced sailors, catamarans are a preferable option because they are typically more stable than sailboats.  2. Catamarans are more comfortable for longer voyages or for groups of people than sailboats since they offer a greater living area.  3. Catamarans are frequently speedier than sailboats, […]

Croatia VS Greece (Sailing Ioanian sea)

Ahoy there, sea enthusiasts! If you're torn between Greece's Ionian Sea and the sailing haven that is Croatia, fear not; we're here to help you navigate the waves of decision. Picture this as your trusty compass, pointing out the quirks and charms of each destination. So, grab your sailor's hat and let's embark on a salty adventure!

Why Kitesurfers are the Worst 😜!

 Kitesurfers are one of the most dangerous people in the world! If you know one, or have heard of one, stay as far away as possible. They pose a threat to our society and I have definite proof of this.  Most kitesurfers are people who have organized their lives in a way to maximize beach […]

Atlantic Crossing with Lagoon 50

Atlantic crossing with Lagoon 50. From Split - BVI. Congratulations to Igor and his team.

Lagoon 42 Review - while Sailing Croatia

A complete and thorough review of Lagoon 42 while sailing in Croatia. Real-life test from our captain Igor Stropnik :). Enjoy watching and see you on the boat!

Lagoon 50 Sailing from Croatia to Canary Islands (Transfer Split - Caribbean)

Sailing Lagoon 50 Catamaran from Croatia to Canary Islands. 2600Nm and 22 days. Lets say we are half way to Caribbean for our winter season.

Lagoon 450 Review - Sailing Croatia with 10 Women

As usual, our Captain Igor is having fun with the 10 amazing ladies from USA. They had an amazing cruise from Dubrovnik to Split, check it out on video. And in the meantime, you also get a review for a Lagoon 450.

Vacation in Croatia - A Sailing Dream You Will Never Forget

Croatia is a country in Southern Europe, famous for its wonderful nature and breathtaking coastline. Namely, it consists of more than a thousand islands, 48 of which are permanently inhabited. The largest islands are Cres and Krk, each of them having an area of around 405 square kilometers. The best thing about the Adriatic Sea […]

Experience a Symphony of Tastes

It was stated by many that there is no parallel to the Croatian Cuisine. The vast varieties of dishes can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Why do we speak with such confidence? You may want to see a few pictures first. The Croatian cuisine is a pretty continental one, with rich nature that allows […]

Cycling brought to a new level in #Croatiafulloflife

Croatia is becoming more and more popular, each year the number of tourists is larger and the world-class filming projects are countless. The Dalmatian Coast    has become one of the most recognisable ones in the World. Our question is – what could be more rewarding than cruising along the islands and taking a stroll […]

MAMMA MIA it's Vis – the new musical destination!

Vis is one of the most beautiful croatian islands and also,  as of late, the newest location for the sequel to the bomb hit musical Mamma Mia!. Known for the wonderful first location it was filmed at, it's Sequel strives to match it's predcessor. The key to it all is, of course, the magical Island […]

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