Why Kitesurfers are the Worst 😜!

 Kitesurfers are one of the most dangerous people in the world! If you know one, or have heard of one, stay as far away as possible. They pose a threat to our society and I have definite proof of this.
 Most kitesurfers are people who have organized their lives in a way to maximize beach time and sun time while staying away from cold weather or offices. Their life is their biggest adventure and when you spend time with them too much, your life will seem boring and you will want to take extra holiday days any chance you get. They go to extreme lengths such as to literally cancel everything in favor of going somewhere and enjoying the waves. The best way to do this is usually via a catamaran or a similar vessel - this allows the ultimate travel/kitesurfing experience. No responsible person should be allowed to do that! 
 Oh and the clicks! They always come in clicks!! You will always see them in packs or laughing together in a large group at a beach. They kite together/they stick together. Inside jokes and mutual cheering while kiting is a must so, as an outsider, this feeling of unity will irritate you to your bones. Many of them even break a leg/arm/shoulder, anything – just because of a dare or a joke. It is both silly and can be quite dangerous if you fall under this influence. 
The most irritating thing is that kiters are more or less always in a good mood. Whenever something stresses them out, they go out on the sea and enjoy the sport. They jump around, slide on waves and just plain let go in the water. Every session is like a therapy, so you will rarely see them stressed out or nervous about something. This will make them seem childish and sometimes too much carefree. 
Also, just do yourself a favor and delete any kitesurfer you know from any social media you have. It will get depressing watching all those stories with sunsets, beaches, endless skies, and great food. It will be infuriating to see them with a drink in their hand, surrounded by friends, having a blast mid-December. 
But most importantly, the life of a kitesurfer does not only stop with kitesurfing – it is a way of life in general. They are avid bikers, swimmers, nature lovers, hikers, wakeboarders, windsurfers, runners and so so much more. Seeing these sporty people, you will simply want a life like that! 
As I mentioned before, because of these facts, knowing a kitesurfer can be pretty frustrating for a non- kitesurfer. Their life just seems unrealistically good. But let me tell you something – that is simply not true. Kitesurfing is easy to learn and it is not just a sport, it brings a whole new perspective to your life. If you don't believe me, try it. If it's not for you – you will know right away, and if it clicks – you are welcome. 
So instead of complaining or staying away from them – you can do yourself a favor and learn how to do it, become part of the gang and enjoy your life in a way you did not think was possible. Visit our page and check out the tours we offer. Catamaran is definitely the ultimate way to visit islands, enjoy the coast and learn how to kitesurf on the best spots in the country! 
 We have some top locations ready for your first kitesurfing lesson and great instructors just waiting for you to make the first move. Go to our site, look at the offers and join the kitesurfing gang!
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