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Moving south into Dalmatia, red grape Babić crops up, known for its firm tannins and sour cherry notes. Fuller-bodied, versatile white Pošip, originally from the island of Korčula, appears alongside lemony Debit.

Zinfandel, called Tribidrag or Crljenak Kaštelanski depending on the locality, makes spicy, brambly wines. In the deep south around Dubrovnik, Plavac Mali dominates with its savory, figgy profile.


Visit the most beautiful and interesting sites of Dalmatia and discover fascinating facts about the land, its people and the surrounding nature – information that cannot be found in ordinary travel guides. Cycling is the best way to explore any destination. We can also put bikes on your boat, so they are available to you anytime and anywhere. Best islands to explore by Bike are Brač, Hvar and Korčula.That know ask case stand ham dear her spot. Weddings followed the all marianne nor whatever settling. Perhaps six prudent several her had offence. Did had way law dinner square tastes.


Bol – Hike with us to the highest peak of the Adriatic islands, Mount Vid, 778m above sea level! Walking up the path surrounded by fragrant herbs and plants, you will awaken all your senses, while a unique view of the southern Dalmatian islands will materialize before you as you climb higher.

Hvar – Offers various tracks for hiking. During the hiking tours on Hvar you will experience the atmosphere of ancient villages, framed by vineyards, dramatic coastal scenery, shady groves of olive…You will learn about the traditional life on Hvar and the history dating back to ancient times, the local people, gastronomy. Or pick any other island you would like to explore by hiking.


Our skipper will show you the best kitesurfing spots in Croatia. You can kite along the boat or visit some of the unknown secret spots. Preparing a kite on the boat is really simple and fast, with the skipper also helping with launching and landing. Our Rescue boat is always ready to pick you up in case of problems. As all of the islands in the Adriatic sea are really close, you can make some perfect downwind trips between islands. Be prepared for unforgettable sunset sessions.
There is no problem if you are a beginner, our certified instructors will teach you everything with a smile. Kitesurfing is suitable for anyone.
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The pristine seas of Dalmatia have great visibility, and there is plenty of marine life to enjoy, as well as reef diving, cave diving, wall diving, wreck diving and night diving. It is also a great place to learn to dive, and there are various dive centres both on the coast and on the islands.
Or if you like to snorkel, just get your free snorkeling gear from the boat, and you are set to go. Dip in the sea, mask, snorkel, and fins on, it’s as simple as that.


Windsurfing in Bol on the island of Brač, close to the beach of Zlatni rat (Golden Cape), is according to many the best spot in the Adriatic sea. Windsurf center Big Blue Sport is located on the beach and is fully equipped with the latest windsurfing equipment. You can expect steady winds around 20 knots. Also suitable for beginners.


SUP is a fun, easy way to enjoy the sea. With simple equipment you can paddle on the wonderful surface. It requires no previous experience and can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Paddle boarding offers an amazing full body workout. And since you’re standing at your full height, you’ll enjoy an excellent view of everything from sea creatures below to the ships on the horizon. It’s almost like walking on water! You can paddle along the Adriatic coast and visit gorgeous beaches, only to see one fascinating view after another.


If you want to experience the feeling of flying like Iron Man or swimming like a dolphin then flyboarding is the perfect thing for You. Flyboarding is for everyone! It’s easy to learn and we guarantee everyone will fly in 10 minutes… You don’t need any experience, we will help guide You one-on-one during your entire session! Great memories and photos guaranteed!


Fishing with a rod and line is a passion for Croatians of all ages, for man and women alike, not least because nearly everything you catch is edible. The past time can vary from dangling a line over a quay, feathering for squid off the rocks or big game fishing, which is now one of the up and coming tourist activities.


The Subglider is an accessory that enables swimming, turning and performing a range of underwater acrobatics using a boat (the design is shown in the picture). The Subglider will make you feel like a fish in the sea. You can transform into a dolphin in a second and perform stunning acrobatic tricks with gentle movements of your hands. The Subglider is easy to control and can be enjoyed by both beginners and masters of underwater acrobatics. Dive into the marine world and feel the sea around you.


Whether you come to Dalmatia strictly to party or you wish also to take it easy, finding some kind of entertainment is a piece of cake. Because Dalmatia in summer is full of life, from Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik to the tiniest hamlet by the sea, there’s always something going on. 24/7. So, get those flip-flops out of the back of your closet, pinpoint a party to attend and say: Dalmatia, here I party!
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