Why Active Cruise is not Yachtweek or Sailweek

The Yacht week and Sail week have become phenomenons in the last few years. They are famous for extreme parties and large crowds of drunk people. Their parties tend to be so hardcore that there are actually more places they have been banned from then the places they can actually go and party to. On top of that, they even pay 30% more (TYW) than a regular charter should cost.

We will try to be as unbiased as possible. We are not saying we are perfect for all or that TYW is not for some people! Anyway, here are a few points we think make the biggest difference between a trip with us and others :


Active Cruises wants to merge the idea of partying and having fun with sightseeing, activities, local cuisine and relaxation. It gives you much more free space to do whatever you wish. Ready for some awesome kitesurfing or cycling? Let's go! Rather party tonight and go easy the next day? Sure thing, let us show you the best places.

The thing about Yacht Week and Sail week is that once the party is over, there is another one. After that one, another one. And so on and so forth. We can still follow Yacht week, party with them, have an awesome time, and then in the morning, instead of waking up on a ship with 20 other people you don't know or don't remember, you wake up in your room, with a skipper ready to set sail away from broken bottles, vomit and 400 confused people trying to find their own boat.

I completely understand that for some people, partying night and day is an awesome concept they want to try once in their lifetime (maybe more, I'm not judging) and I believe Active Cruises is not suited for such people. We are the perfect match for activity loving, party and adventure seeking groups, singles or families, in want of fine cuisine, sights and nature. We want you to experience everything Croatia has to offer and party places are just a teeny tiny part of it. It's like eating the icing of the cake without trying the filling. It's a shame if not a sad thing to miss out on.


We are extremely proud of our certified and qualified skippers who have gone through a long training and have vast experience with ships and local sights and information. We do not believe that any ship should have a skipper who gets drunk with the crew or drunk any time fort that matter, since he is a person who should always be alert and ready for new situations. Having a skipper who brags about how many girls he has been with during Yacht week is something we do not allow or want on our ships.


  • Watch someone almost fall off a boat, drunk, into the sea, but recover at the last minute.

  • Watch someone not recover at the last minute and fall off a boat, drunk, into the sea.

  • More than 40 people scramble onto a yacht meant for six for an impromptu all-night boat party, which, after a certain amount of vodka, feels more like a real-life game of Screwball Scramble.

  • An Australian girl so drunk she keeps kissing two men on the same night under the impression they are the same person, and not understanding why this person is getting so upset, and in different voices.


  • Going to places which yacht week has already been banned or will be banned from

  • You can sleep as long as you want as the boat has air condition you will not die of heat

  • You will be able to party and in the same time maintain a healthy life style, visit breathtaking towns, swim in the crystal blue sea and coves, and enjoy the incredible nature and sights of the Adriatic sea

  • Learn to Kitesurf, sail and lots more, without the need for someone else to "hold your beer"
  • 30% cheaper prices then TYW plus a lot of free activities

All in all, if you have found yourself to be the type of person we have described above, we are looking forward too meet you and arrange for you a week of your life! (Which you will remember 😉 )

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