Vacation in Croatia - A Sailing Dream You Will Never Forget

Croatia is a country in Southern Europe, famous for its wonderful nature and breathtaking coastline. Namely, it consists of more than a thousand islands, 48 of which are permanently inhabited. The largest islands are Cres and Krk, each of them having an area of around 405 square kilometers. The best thing about the Adriatic Sea is that most of the Islands are just a few hours of boat ride away. The variety of Islands is impressive as well. You can find Islands famous for Sports programs, partying, kitesurfing, food, clear water, historic sites. It is a true buffet of culture.

Now what is it that you can find in Croatia, what is rare in other popular touristic destinations.

The answer is simple - some peace and quiet. You can ask our skipper to take you somewhere peaceful and prepare yourself for all the beauty Croatia's Coves have to offer. Imagine seeing the reflection of the night sky in the clear water beneath you, or water so clean you feel as if you are looking through a glass at the bottom of the sea. Find a small restaurant with traditional cuisine and enjoy your peace and escape from the everyday world.

Now that we have covered the quiet part - let's concentrate on the party side of Croatia!

Croatia's nightlife is unique. You will not find better places to chill and have a drink in the world. One of the most famous party Islands is Hvar. It is known for large yachts that harbour there each year, tasty restaurants and bars, such as Carpe Diem, as well as wonderful historic alleys. Bra─Ź is the third largest island in the Adriatic sea,  more known for kitesurfing and cycling but we can't overlook the growing nightlife which established itself as the best one in the last few years - including a beach bar, new open 585 club,  Varadero and others.

To conclude the two sides, Croatia is the perfect place where you can find a little bit of both. Try it Foy yourself, you will not be sorry. Just make sure to tell our skipper your wishes and he will do his best to fulfil all of them. See you in Croatia!

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