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I wanted freedom, open air, and adventure. I found it on the sea.

Sailing adventure Split - Greece

Date: 30.9.2023 ACI Split Croatia. The expedition will take about 4 - 6 weeks. We will be waiting for the best conditions to sail from Dubrovnik (or Montenegro) directly to Greece. We are returning back to Split at the beginning of November. Be flexible :). This is a pleasure sail (not a transfer), with sightseeing, discovering new islands, biking, hiking, enjoying the scenery, etc... 

Boat: Lagoon 46 equipped with gen, AC, solar, watermaker, covered fly, code zero, etc... Everything to make the trip safe and as comfortable as possible. The boat has 4 cabins, so we plan up to 6 crew + a captain.

Costs: The boat is free of charge. But sailing, cooking, cleaning, anchor watch, etc., and other jobs that are needed for the boat to move forward, will be divided among the crew according to their skills and wishes.

Extra costs (divided between the crew): Gas (about 1000l of diesel), marinas (about 15 stays in the marinas - 2000€), and food. Another option is if you would like to work more and pay less. Always something to do on the boat :). We are totally flexible.

Activities: Our expedition will be as comfortable as possible. The only long leg will be from Dubrovnik to the first island of Corfu (about 30h) and back. After that, we will make short legs, explore the islands, hike, kitesurf, bike, etc... Everything will be relaxed, with no hurry.

Internet: The boat will be equipped with Starlink. Also free :).

How to join: Fill out the form ON THE LINK and we will get back to you. We are looking for adventurous souls with at least basic sailing experience and a license (not needed, if you are only interested in cooking). You need to be able to work in a team and adjust to different personalities on board. And for sure in 5 weeks' time, we will also get some bad weather and high seas, so you have to be ready physically and mentally. Do not expect perfect conditions all the time. But we are sure in the end we will have a great time with a lot of new experiences. And the weather in October is usually perfect in Greece :).

Deposit: If your application gets approved, the deposit is 500€. So we know you mean business and we can count on you. There is a lot of planning involved and we need to be sure of your application. The deposit is refundable, in case the sailing is canceled from our side.

Other boats: If you have a team or a boat that would like to join, you are also welcome.

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