Experience a Symphony of Tastes

It was stated by many that there is no parallel to the Croatian Cuisine. The vast varieties of dishes can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Why do we speak with such confidence? You may want to see a few pictures first.

The Croatian cuisine is a pretty continental one, with rich nature that allows an endless source of natural ingredients, fresh meat and enchanting spices and herbs. Since on the islands, most of the restaurants are secluded from the coast, all of the ingredients are homemade and carefully prepared.

More often than not can you expect to eat shrimps, octopus, or any sort of fish, that was caught just a few hours ago – and all at low to affordable prices.

If you are not the meat type and prefer something more similar to «fast food» you can find many meals such as pizzas made in large baking ovens, meat pies, burgers or any other sort of food, only made with care and high-quality ingredients, instead of fast producing fast food restaurants.

If you want to completely let yourself dive into the Croatian culture you will have the possibility of trying hundreds of Croatian local dishes that will send your senses into a frenzy.

All of the meals can be accompanied by Croatia's finest wine which deserves a whole other article because just a few paragraphs are not enough to describe it.

Ask our skipper to take you to restaurants and be assured, he will bring you to the best of the best, local or more international, and you will leave satisfied and maybe with a few grams more ;).

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