Obama knows it, now you know it!

And just when we thought it was gone, the kiting strikes again! And strike it truly does, with one of the most powerful men in the world! What do Barack Obama, Richard Branson, Prince William and Brad Pitt have together? Except, of course, good looks and awesome biographies – they are all passionate kitesurfers to […]

Even Robin Hood Loves Dubrovnik

Robin Hood and Little John walking through the Forrest! Ooo de Lally– Ooo de Lally – Golly what a day! Have you heard the wonderful news? As of this year, the new prequel to Robin Hood, set to come to theaters near you in 2018- is being filmed in Dubrovnik! Now, Dubrovnik has gone from […]

With a 100€ sailboat from Ankaran Slovenia to Krf Greece

In times when past cruises are counted and new ones are being dreamt of, we take you on an unusual journey which was taken by one Igor Stropnik by traveling along the Adriatic sea all the way to Greece. All of that on a 5,5 meter catamaran. Igor Stropnik is not an unknown name for those […]

Why Active Cruise is not Yachtweek or Sailweek

The Yacht week and Sail week have become phenomenons in the last few years. They are famous for extreme parties and large crowds of drunk people. Their parties tend to be so hardcore that there are actually more places they have been banned from then the places they can actually go and party to. On […]

Croatia is the world’s first country to become a Free Reading Zone

Download via App store "Croatia Reads" and enjoy over 100.000 free books when travelling through Croatia. No Shelf Required and Total Boox join forces in turning the country of Croatia into an open virtual library accessible via a free application—to residents and tourists alike—without a library card or an access code. The growing collection boasts […]

Active Cruise with the USA Team

In the beginning of June we went on Active Cruise with a team from California. They flew to Zagreb, where we picked them up and organized transfer to our starting marina in Split. For this trip we used sailboat Hanse 450, which was perfect, but a catamaran is always better in terms of luxury and comfort. […]

Last trip in year 2016 (End of October)

Even the end of October can be perfect for sailing. We had good wind and nice weather with a lot of sun. Although the nights are getting colder, afternoons are still perfect. The water was warm and all of the locations uncrowded, which is really nice. What made our cruise even more memorable was the […]

Dubrovnik – the dream of every Game of Thrones fan!

Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic sea, one of UNESCOS World Heritage sites and one of the most famous touristic destinations in the world is, among all these things also famous for the role it plays in the fantastic series “Game of Thrones”. Although the cry “winter is coming” represents the entire story, we like […]

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